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The tennis court provides relaxation and fast and efficient physical activity in one

Beauty salon

Get a new haircut or a makeover for a special occasion or a romantic dinner in our restaurant

Bike ride

Participate in a charming bike ride that will lead you to beautiful landmarks such as Iundula (14 km away) or Cigov Chark (17 km away). We can also organize walking tours to fascinating historical landscapes 

Ski and snowboard

The Rhodope mountains offer amazing slopes for adrenaline seekers, as well as amateur snowboarders. Spa Hotel Dvoretsa is located only 15 km away from the mountain resort “Iundula”

Hunting and fishing

We organize different and fun activities for people who like to hunt and fish

Night club

After a relaxing day at the Spa, come to the night club for a mood boost. Enjoy your evening with a DJ, lots of dancing, drinks, fun games and entertainment programs